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About BB Glow

What is BB Glow?

Simple put, BB Glow is a combination of powerful tinted serum applied using the Microneedling method - an intensive skin treatment that uses state-of-the-art technology to penetrate the first layers of the skin with micro needles which are rapidly released from a Microneedling pen. 

One of the main benefits of the basic microneedling is the stimulation of natural collagen production and skin rejuvenation ,where the BB Glow serum adds incredible nutrients and most importantly the colour tint the client desires.

BB Glow Results

BB Glow is design to improve the look and feel of the skin fast. Visible improvements will be apparent immediately after the first appointment. The serum will also continue to work for two weeks after the treatment, and anti-aging benefits will continue to roll in in the coming weeks as the skin naturally rejuvenates itself after micro needling manipulations.

  • More even skin tone

  • Brighter, more radiant skin

  • Fewer freckles

  • Less skin discolouration

  • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles

How does the BB Glow Treatment feel?

THe BB Glow procedure feels very similar to Microneedling.

There is no downtime with BB Glow treatment. Depending on skin sensitivity level mild redness may occur; however it usually subsides quickly. Normal routine can be resumed right after the rest of the day and to avoid strenuous exercise that would prone excessive sweating. It is also crucial to stay away from the direct sunlight for the next few days and wear sunblock of minimum SPF50.

How long does BB Glow last?

BB Glow is considered a form of semi-permanent make up. 

With the appropriate number of treatment and correct aftercare the results with last up to haft a year.

Like with many other treatment in the beauty industry, BB Glow results are cumulative . Meaning with each treatment package, the results lasting longer and the client with require fewer treatment at a time.

How many treatment will I need?

Most people will need at least 2 treatments to achieve their desired result. Depending on the skin coverage the client is going for, or the intensity of the flaw that is being cover up, you may need 3-6 treatments for your very first package.

Will BB Glow clog the pore?

No, BB Glow will not clog pores. This idea originated from traditional makeup where particles are too large and the ingredients are not designed to benefit the skin as such.

BB Glow serums are formulated to be beneficial for the skin, even the tint that provides the colour is completely natural and non-comedogenic, meaning free of silicones; therefore it will not clog the pores.

Things to consider

BB Glow is suitable for all skin types, however people who are not suitable for this procedure are those with any kind of skin condition including active acne skin or cystic acne, eczema, psoriasis, open wounds, pregnant and breastfeeding women, or anybody taking hormonal medication.

BB Glow Aftercare

  • Do not wash your face off on day off treatment

  • Do not peel or scrub for a week

  • Do not go sauna and swimming pool for a week

  • Stop sweat exercise for a week

  • Must use SUNSCREEN SPF 50+

  • Apply generous hydration or regeneration cream, we recommended La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5, twice a day

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